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Blocknew, blockchain social business ecology, is committed to building a blockchain social business ecosystem based on the technology of the Confirmation Contract. The blocknew is centered on the community and is a social group. It is a full-process genuine intelligent trading and collaboration platform that provides content, including information, comics, shopping and living services. In the future, based on the Blocknew Confirmation Contract public chain 2.0, you can build a full-process genuine intelligent trading platform or large-scale collaboration platform, which can be applied to blockchain e-commerce, supply chain, engineering projects, design and R&D, etc. Blocknew attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and has applied for three chinese national invention patents. At the same time, the blocknew also applied for software copyright protection and multiple trademarks.

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Blocknew is a blockchain content social commercial ecosystem, dedicated to building a blockchain-based one-stop service platform for information, social contact, shopping and life consumption. The transaction information of shopping and consumption is time-stamped, on the chain, realizing the right of the transaction and the information untampered. Through the cooperation with merchants, we will be able to trace the origin of products based on blockchain technology to ensure that the products are from unchangeable place of origin, owned by brand merchants or with official authorization.

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Various brands, dealers and other businesses, blockchain media, experts and project initiators can automatically create groups by publishing articles, maintaining direct communication with their followers and providing timely service. Individual user can also communicate with merchants, article authors, and project parties accurately and timely.


Users can gain encrypted token reward by downloading and registering, inviting friends, reading and forwarding articles. Tokens can be used to tip the authors, participate in the lottery, shop in the mall and pay in service.Including blockchain news, products information, various conference and activities information posted by brand merchants, dealers and other businesses, blockchain media, experts and project initiators after official review. Providing timely and accurate information of blockchain to help users seize the opportunity and get the advantage.

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